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This is the Home Page of Project 902.
An online war between an empire of the future,
and a supreme band of invading spies.

Welcome to project 902.
My name is Emperor Flatfork and I want
you to fight in this war on the side of the Empire
My name is Yo Mama and I want
you to fight in this war on the side of the spies.
Either side.
Join this battling forum,

This is a battling forum so here are the rules and instructions on how to battle.
Someone will start a new topic in one of the four battlefields, only if you are already on a team. They should start out by typing in the name of another user and get ready for that person to reply with either a yes or no. If the person says yes, then you start a battle. If they say no, you don't and you could try somebody elses name.
When you are in a battle, you must start out each turn by using an attack, block, heal, or surrender. If you choose to attack you can choose what weopon to use.
a. Laser= takes no time to recharge and takes away 2 health.
b. Rocket Launcher= takes one turn to recharge and takes away 5 health
c.Black Cannon=takes three turns to recharge and takes away 20 health
If you choose to block you can use either
a. Laser Shield= Takes one turn to charge up and protects you for two turns
b. Ultra Shield=Takes two turns to charge up and protects you for three turns.
c.Black Shield=Takes three turns to charge up and protects you for four turns.
If you choose to heal you can either
a. Medic Pack=Takes two turns and heals 15 health from you.
b.Strong Medicine=Heals thirty-five health automatically but side-effects will be losing 2 health each turn.

An if you choose to surrender you automatically lose and have to pay your enemy some money.(not in real life but inside the game currency) But if you dont have any money, you owe him or her money.
You start out with 50 health max, and turns are every time its your turn to attack,defend,heal,or surrender. And one last rule. No double posting.
In the year 3000 a mad emperor took ove the world. His name was Flatfork I. Over the years he dictated and destroyed everything until he finally died in 3078. When he died the world was in chaos until his son, Flatfork the second, took over in 3102. He lived a hundred years and then died when his son took over. Flatfork III. He lived a hundered years until he died and his son Flatfork the fourth took over. And so on and so on, until the year 3902. Flatfork X. (a.k.a. Emperorflatfork).
Emperor Flatfork knew that he would only live for a hundred years more if he didn't do anything about it so he decided to build a machine(Project 902). It would protect his planet from the invading spies and keep him powerful.

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